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What to wear to work/직장에서의 가을패션

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Skinny pants, pencil skirts,

and striped ties are among this season's must-haves...

Fall fashion roundup/가을 패션 정보 요약:


What to wear to work this Fall

You can tell a lot about people by the way they dress.

According to Yahoo! HotJobs research, 75% of recruiters believe that

how you dress for work affects your job, salary, and possible promotions.

Wearing the right outfit is very important to your career development.

That may be exactly why Warren Davis, Director of Recruiting and

Employment for RadioShack Corporation, believes “nonverbal behavior,”

including personal style of dress, speaks as loud as our actual work


“Your clothes,” he says, “should be complementary to your shape and

personality but still relative to your company’s culture.” 

This is confirmed in the Yahoo!

HotJobs poll where 72% of recruiters reported that it’s important that

employees dress like their bosses. It’s true -- your sense of style

represents who you are, and in this day and age, when individuality

matters, your clothes need to make a positive impact.

The key is versatility: Find things you like to wear that reflect your

sensibility and can take you from weekend to weekday.

Fashion enables a person to "brand" themselves.

Maria Reiling, Director of Fashion for eBay, says, “What you wear is

how you want others to see you,” regardless of industry.

That said, we surveyed the experts to help you understand what

to wear this fall to look great in the office.


Clothes by Banana Republic
This fall there are more options than ever. “Style varies, obviously, depending on the industry,” explains Deborah Lloyd, Executive Vice President of Design and Product Development for Banana Republic. So she recommends understanding the environment in which you work and then “dress the part.”

Skirts are a big trend for the season. And for fall, there are two main styles – the pencil, a slender, form-fitting column that hits just below the knee, and the bubble, a retro '60s silhouette that has a rounded, bubble shape.

 roundup《美》 (정보·상황 따위의) 총괄, 요약.

bubble=거품[공] 모양의 것; 둥근 지붕[천장] (dome); =balloon 5; 《英》 =~ car; 둥근 머리 스타일.retro=(음악·패션 따위의) 복고(풍의), 재유행(의).

the pencil=연필처럼 가는slender [slnd]호리호리한, 날씬한

formfitting [fmfti](옷이) 몸에 꼭 맞는silhouette [slut]반면 영상(半面影像), 그림자 그림, 실루엣


To balance either style, wear something on top that has the opposite shape. For a pencil skirt, try a slightly oversized sweater or blousy top.

Pair a bubble skirt with something more fitted, like a jacket.

This can be a chic alternative to the power suit. No matter which style works for you,

go with opaque tights, not hose, for a look that is very now.

blousy [bluzi](blousier, blousiest) 블라우스의; 블라우스 비슷한.

opaque [oupik]광택 없는, (…으로) 흐릿한[with]; 어두운(dark).

hose[houz]투명한 얇은스타킹(stocking),tights [taits]두껍고 불투명한 타이즈(=미국식)

alternative[ltntiv]새로운, 선택very now《美속어》 최첨단의, 최신 감각의, 유행의.


Another must-have is skinny pants.

This style, which hugs the leg from waist to ankle, can be casual if worn

with a pressed, crisp T-shirt or sweater. But worn with a blazer,

skinny pants can be boardroom perfect.

Jane Buckingham, President of The Intelligence Group,

a trend-forecasting behemoth, suggests accessorizing skinny pants

with a patent leather belt to “spice up the look” no matter where you work.

pressed[prest] 압축한, 압착한, 프레스 가공한.crisp [krisp]  빳빳한

blazer[bliz]블레이저(운동 선수들의 화려한 유니폼 상의),휘황하게 빛나는 것

boardroom[bdr()m] (중역·이사의) 회의실; (the ~) 이사, 중역.

forecast[fkst ]…을 예상하다, 예측하다behemoth [bihm]거대한

accessorize[kssriz](…에) 액세서리[부속품]를 달다[with].

spice[spais] spice up =묘미를 더해 줄must-have[hv] 꼭 가져야 하는.

patent《비유적》(어떤 특질을 갖는) 표시, 특징, 독특한 방식.


Speaking of accessories, from runway to runway, designers were featuring

metallic handbags, belts, shoes, hair bands, and jewelry.

Rosemary Feitelberg, Women’s Wear Daily’s market editor, offers this tip:

“Dress up a laid-back work ensemble, say chinos and a button-down shirt,

by adding metallic accessories.

It adds an element of glamour.” While glamour in the past has always

conjured up the image of high heels,

the new style for shoes is refined, more subtle. According to the Yahoo!

HotJobs poll, 37% of women put comfort first, making this season’s trendy

flat shoe perfect. Whether you wear them with a dress,

men’s style trousers, streamlined jeans, walking shorts with tights, or a suit,

there is something very Jackie O. about the look.

“Besides, they won’t hurt your feet and the new styles are very

cute and stylish, especially with layers of knit sweaters,”

says Buckingham. 

layer[li]  층(層), 겹쳐 쌓음, 칠하기[입히기]; featured [ftd]특색으로 한

laid-back[bk] 《美속어》 한가로운, 느긋한ensemble[nsmbl] 전체적 효과[조화].

(색채·천 따위가 조화된) 여성복의 한 벌, 앙상블; (갖춘) 가구 한 세트.

chino[tnou] 《美》 치노(제복·운동복용의 질긴 면직물); (chinos) 치노 바지

conjure[knd]마법[마술, 요술]을 행하다[부리다].

conjured up= 출현시키다, 불러내다, 잽싸게 꺼내다

refined[rifind]세련된, 때를 벗은, 품위있는.

subtle[stl] (감각 등이) 예민한, 민감한, 섬세한(delicate).

streamlined[strmlind] 유선형의; 날씬한. Jackie-O[dkiu]

≪구어≫ 재키[재클린 오나시스] 스타일의.

Warning: Avoid anything sloppy – or too sexy – at all costs.

According to Reiling,

“Don’ts would be sweats, pajamas, slippers, ripped shirts, and

anything too exposing.

You don’t want your clothes to be noticed more than

your thoughts or results."

sloppy[slpi ](옷 따위가) 단정치 못한; 너저분한.

at all costs= 어떤 희생을 치르더라도, 기어코

sweat[swet] (의복이) 스포츠용의slipper[slp] 슬리퍼를 신고[끌며] 걷다.

rip [rip]열어젖뜨리다exposed[ikspuzd] exposing드러내는,노출된be noticed.

wants to be noticed,= 관심을 끌려는 ,눈에 띄도록

result[rizlt] 효과, 성과


Men, contrary to popular belief, have more fashion choices than ever. And this fall's trends are timeless in their appeal.

It’s important to incorporate your own personal style in your clothing while remaining professional. “Don’t succumb to trends that will label you a fashion victim,” warns Lloyd.

Translation: Don’t try too many trends at once. Stick to one that flatters your personality and build your look around it.

One thing every man should have in his wardrobe is a classic blazer. It goes with everything, from jeans to trousers. And it’s timeless. “It’s better to have one good jacket and wear it with different shirts or sweaters than five average jackets,” says Dan Peres, Editor in Chief of Details magazine.
In a corporate environment, where ties are often required, a school striped tie is featured on runways this fall. It's elegant when paired with a streamlined navy suit. This trend adds a sense of fun and personality without making a bold, over–the-top statement.

When not wearing a tie, try layering a thin sweater – crew or V-neck – over a button-down shirt. It’s very James Bond, especially when worn with a jacket. But this is best done on lean, tall frames, lest you look bulky.

“You can communicate personal style through accessories –

or a beautiful sweater – and stand out,” says Peres, who says that pocket squares, watches, cufflinks, and socks (read: never white ones!) are items men can use to express who they are. That, and perhaps a military-inspired jacket. This, however, should not be taken too literally. “It’s not about Salvation Army,” says Buckingham, but rather, “a subtle peacoat with great gold buttons, which can be very American-classic.”

Going with quality offers a measure of polish, which says more than you’d think. Adds Peres, “Polish shows you care about your job – and yourself." He feels that men should avoid, at all costs, ripped jeans, raggedy T-shirts, and things that don’t fit well, no matter how creative or casual the work environment. And in a corporate atmosphere, anything unpolished should not even be considered.

Clothes by Banana Republic


1.니트 차림

2.승마용 바지

3.자루 백

4.발가락이 보이는 구멍뚫어진 단화구두

5.길고 큰사이즈의 스웨터



1.학생복 같은 줄무늬 타이

2. 모직물 사관생도 같은 자켓


4.글렌플레이드-격자무늬 트렌치 코트(방수코트)

5. 여행용 가죽 가방


-편집자 주(직장에서의 여성복 유행편)-

이번 가을은 어느해보다 선택이 다양하다 "의류업계에 따라 다르지만 다양한스타일이다" 스커트가 이번 시즌에서 가장 큰 유행이다. 두 가지 기본 스타일은 - 가늘고 날씬한 선, 힙선부터 무릎아래까지 몸에 꼭맞는 기둥형,둥근모양,60년대가 재현된 비누방물 모양 실루엣 등이다.어떤 스타일이든 균형에 있어 상의를 입는 방식은 반대의 형태이다. 가는 라인의 스커트엔 약간 큰듯한 사이즈의 스웨터나

블라우스를, 둥근치마라면 뭔가 더 붙는 듯한 자켓을 매치한다. 이것이 파워 정장을 입는데 있어

새로운 선택이 될수 있다. 어느 스타일이 당신에게 어울리든 최신유행인 불투명한 타이츠와 매치하라. 또 다른  필수품은 가는 선의 바지이다. 허리부터 발목까지 다리를 감싸는 날씬한 스타일은

빳빳하게 프레스 가공한 티 셔츠와 입으면 케주얼이 되지만 우아한 브라우스와 입으면

중역실에서도 완벽하다. 예측되는 중요한 유행으로서, 가는 선의 바지에 어울리는

악세서리는 독특한 가죽벨트이다.악세서리는 금속성의 핸드백,벨트,신발,헤어밴드와 장신구이다.

"금속 악세사리와 매치한- 느슨한 앙상블,치노 면이나 버튼다운 셔츠를 입자" 우아함의 기본에 있어

과거에는 우아함과 동시에 하이힐을 연상시켜왔지만 새로운 세련된 구두스타일은 섬세하다.

이번 시즌의 유행을 따르려면 드레스이든, 남성스타일 바지든, 날씬한 진바지든,타이츠와 입는 직장복 반바지든,혹은 정장이든간에  납작한 구두가 제격이며 아주 재키 스타일도 있다.

"게다가 다리를 혹사시키지 않는 새로운 유행의 구두는 특히,겹쳐입는 스웨터와 매치하면

아주 귀엽고 세련되 보인다"

직장에서 주의: 지저분을 피할것- 너무 섹시보이거나-어떤 경우라도

"운동복,잠옷,슬리퍼,열어젖히거나 너무 노출된 셔츠를 입지 말것.

당신의 생각이나 효과 이상의 남의 관심을 끌려고 하지 말 것"

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